Council for Strategic Affairs

Council for Strategic Affairs

Strategic Affairs Distinguished Lecture – Ukraine-Russia War: Two Years and Beyond?

The Ukraine-Russia War has entered its third year, and the situation remains dire. Despite Ukraine’s resilience and Western support, the war’s endgame is uncertain. Diplomatic efforts continue, but a lasting resolution remains elusive. The war’s impact on global politics and security is profound, with far-reaching implications.

Speaker: Major General Shashi Bhushan Asthana

De-Coupling from China: A Japanese Perspective – Strategically Speaking with Dr Adityanjee

Japan’s efforts towards decoupling from China have been nuanced and incremental, focusing on diversifying supply chains and promoting resilience. While aligning with US decoupling efforts to some extent, Japan prioritizes maintaining a balance between economic benefits and national security. Small-scale relocations of Japanese businesses from China have occurred, but the overall economic relationship remains strong.

A Conversation with: Dr Satoru Nagao

Red Sea Conundrum and Geopolitical Issues- Strategically Speaking with Dr Adityanjee

The Red Sea region faces challenges like rivalries between Middle Eastern states, militarization, political transitions, and humanitarian issues. Saudi Arabia launched the Red Sea Council to enhance stability and security, but its effectiveness depends on addressing regional rivalries and including diverse perspectives. Additionally, tensions persist between Gulf states and Turkey, Qatar, and Iran.
A Conversation with Admiral Anup Singh

Hamas Israel War: Doomed to be a Quagmire – Strategically Speaking with Dr Adityanjee

The Hamas-Israel war has been ongoing for five months, resulting in significant humanitarian and economic impacts. Despite various attempts at ceasefires and negotiations, the conflict continues with both sides suffering losses and accusations of human rights violations. The situation has drawn international attention and calls for a lasting resolution.

A Conversation with Lt General V K Saxena

Taiwan Election Results and One Taiwan Doctrine – – Strategically Speaking with Dr Adityanjee

In the 2024 Taiwan elections, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won a majority in the Legislative Yuan, while Tsai Ing-wen won the presidential election with 56.1% of the vote. The DPP’s victory is attributed to growing skepticism towards Ma Ying-jeou’s engagement policies with China ¹. Beijing may need to reconsider its hardline stance, and Tsai’s leadership could lead to a fundamental shift in political attitudes within Taiwan, impacting China’s approach to unification.

A Conversation with Dr Alan H. Yang