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Where will the battleground for US-China trade war?




Where will the battleground for US-China trade war? 

By: Ripudaman


What will be the impact of the US-China trade war on geopolitical affairs?

Recently Reuters reported that the Chinese economy is on the path of Crash and they are going to lose badly. However, Reuters being an American news agency is biased and promotes their national interest.
But the following points to be noted: 
1. China has 500 of its banks listed on the bankruptcy list. Every day a new bank is failing in China! 
2. In this scenario, the investment of $400 billion they have recently done in Iran may be the worst expenditure. I can understand their point, but bringing Iranian oil to China through a lot of hurdles would not be cost-effective. 


China’s heavy exposure to Latin American Countries like Brazil and Argentina and America’s decision of increasing tariffs on Steel and Aluminium would again contribute to the bankruptcy of the Chinese banks.

3. I really like Idiom “pouring water on sand” in the context of Chinese money being spent in Pakistan. Well, the water has been poured, it has been sucked and there is no burp. 
Thanks to American govt to play an active role in failing CPEC to win the trade war and to cut China with central Asia. 
4. I also like American strategical initiatives in Magnolia. Every other day American diplomats are signing a new partnership deal with Magnolia. I am confident that it is not just for fun.
5. Some 3800 Uighurs at the Afghan-China border are ready to become the next generation of Taliban and this time to counter another bigger communist nation, China. 
There have been Uighurs training camps reported in Pakistan. The US is silent, India is silent why? Maybe because CPEC security can be counterbalanced by their own militia sitting in Pakistan’s territory. Without ownership America-Pakistan nexus can destroy Chinese heavy investments. But why didn’t America took any action to destroyed China within Pakistan so far? The answers could be that they want the Chinese to invest more and more before any action can be taken. 


China is entangled in its own garland of pearls.

Most of people do not know that during the US-China trade war Canada supported US and had raised the taxes on Chinese goods. Canada was bound to do so because of the US-Canada bilateral treaty to support each other.  Similarly, there is a possibility that the Khalistan territory can be created for the common interest of the US and Canada.

In one of the latest interview of Tarek Fateh, a Canada based journalist/writer said Punjab should be given to Sikhs to make Khalistan. Did he open the ‘can of worms’ by mistake? Well, there is no surprise as the British supported the Khalistan movement is nurtured it mainly in UK and Canada. A slip of tongue is enough to prove Canadian-Britain conspiracy or intentions.
1. For the US: the prime objective in this scenario is to cut Chinese trade routes.
2. For Canada: the radical Khalistan supporter who has already attained key political and defense positions may want to create Khalistan in 2020 and US will bound to support them at that time.
The proposed buffer state Khalistan is a win-win for both the US and Canada. It is like the creation Isreal to counterbalance middle eastern countries or creation of the FATA region to cut Indian trade routes in the mid-1940s. That is the region where the battle of the next US-China trade war will be fought.
What are other reason why America should or would counter China: 
Death of the world bank: Like any UN organization, world bank also on the verge of collapsing. China has created the equivalent of WB and has heavily distributed loans in third world countries. This is a threat to US foreign and trade policies. America would like to destroy the Chinese banking system at least in his neighborhood.

For the best interest of all India and US must walk hand-in-hand and ensure that China dies his economic death due to its NPAs in the banking system otherwise the second-best option is to liberate Pakistan Occupied territories.


India must stay vigilant and be ready to take back and/or liberate the territories which are currently occupied by Pakistan and mitigate the formation of, Khalistan, a buffer state.

This is in the best interest of all. With minimal to no human life loss the battleground can be shifted and war can be won.
Written By: Ripudaman 
Ripudaman is a consultant in financial advisory business. He writes frequently on international relations and strategic affairs.