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China’s MTCR Envy, Pakistan’s Oedipus complex and India’s Road to the NSG

China’s MTCR Envy, Pakistan’s Oedipus complex and India’s Road to the NSG   Jul 05, 2016   Dr. Adityanjee China’s recent dragon dance to block India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) by hook or crook has brought out interesting geo-political insights. China’s fig-leaf of…

Supporting India’s Entry to The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

This article originally was published on June 23rd 2016 on the The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is a 48-nation exclusive export control regime dedicated to curbing nuclear arms proliferation while promoting safe international nuclear commerce for civil nuclear energy. After receiving a country-specific waiver for…

India, Taiwan and China Triangle: Opportunity for Strategic Balancing    Jan 27, 2016    Dr. Adityanjee History, despite Francis Fukuyama’s prediction of it having ended, was made on Saturday, January 16th 2016  in the  “Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu”,  aka Chinese Taipei, aka Republic of China or the de facto Republic of Taiwan….

Talk, Don’t Trust While intensive post-mortem reports are being written by self-proclaimed  strategic experts about the Government of India’s supposed (mis-) handling of the terrorist attack on the Pathankot airbase, not much has been written on the antecedents of the terror attack and the suggested future course of action….

WTO From Doha to Nairobi: India leads the Developing World The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Tenth Ministerial Conference was recently held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 15 to 19 December 2015, the first such meeting hosted by an African nation. The conference was chaired by Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Amina Mohamed and…

From Kyoto to Kashi: Is Sky Really the Limit for India-Japan Cooperation It is a truth universally acknowledged that India and Japan are, indeed, civilizational brothers. India gave Japan the Zen-Buddhism through China. Even prior to that Shinto religion had coopted a number of important deities from Sanatana Dharma. River goddess Benten or Benzaiten is mother Saraswati reincarnated….

India, APEC and the US     by Dr Adityanjee The major focus during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Manila, Philippines on November 18th and 19th would be on the Paris terror attacks though it is a trade promotion group that does not delve into security issues….