Council for Strategic Affairs

Council for Strategic Affairs

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About Us

 Council for Strategic Affairs, also known as CSA, is a think tank based in the US with an international outlook. CSA is an independent, autonomous, non-partisan, non-governmental & crowd-funded institution. Our dedicated focus is on geo-political & strategic issues related to the Indo-Pacific and other regions of the world.

It is registered as a non-profit, 501 C (3) organization with tax exempt status.

  •  CSA imparts education in the field of International Relations
  •  CSA fosters discussion, dialogue and debate on geopolitical issues
  •  CSA encourages Strategic Studies in general to raise awareness.
  •  CSA condemns terrorism in all forms world-wide.
  •  CSA aims to contribute towards world peace and prosperity.
  •  CSA organizes a Monthly Round Table Discussion on 2nd Saturday at 10.00 AM, EDT
  •  CSA organizes a Monthly Guest Lecture by a domain expert on 4th Saturday at 10.00 AM EDT
  •  CSA Organizes symposia, meetings and conferences.
  •  CSA Promotes publications of articles on Geo-politics and related subjects.
  •  CSA has a summer internship program for College Students
  •  CSA offers a 12-month long fellowship training program in Strategic Studies.