Council for Strategic Affairs

Council for Strategic Affairs

About Us

 Council for Strategic Affairs, also known as CSA, is a think tank based in the US with an international outlook. CSA is an independent, autonomous, non-partisan, non-governmental & crowd-funded institution. Our dedicated focus is on geo-political & strategic issues related to the Indo-Pacific and other regions of the world.

It is registered as a non-profit, 501 (C) (3) organization with tax exempt status.

  •  CSA imparts education in the field of International Relations
  •  CSA fosters discussion, dialogue and debate on geopolitical issues
  •  CSA encourages Strategic Studies in general to raise awareness.
  •  CSA condemns terrorism in all forms world-wide.
  •  CSA aims to contribute towards world peace and prosperity.
  •  CSA organizes a Monthly Round Table Discussion on 2nd Saturday at 10.00 AM, EDT
  •  CSA organizes a Monthly Guest Lecture by a domain expert on 4th Saturday at 10.00 AM EDT
  •  CSA Organizes symposia, meetings and conferences.
  •  CSA Promotes publications of articles on Geo-politics and related subjects.
  •  CSA has a summer internship program for College Students
  •  CSA offers a 12-month long fellowship training program in Strategic Studies.

Guidelines to Authors

Council for Strategic Affairs welcomes contributions from writers, practitioners and scholars looking to provide insightful analysis on Geopolitics, International Relations, and Strategic Studies. All published articles on the CSA website are jointly copyrighted by the author and the CSA

CSA strict guidelines and required information to host the content on the website

  • Provide a Title, Introduction, Background, Article Content and Conclusion 
  • Provide a Title of your present role, which Country-State you  represent and additional contact information such as phone number & corresponding email

Formatting the article do consider below guidelines 

  • Please keep your original submissions under 1200 words and include a byline with your information and credentials 
  • We ask that article text be pasted in the body of an email, along with a file attachment and that embedded URLs be used sparingly 
  • Please use WORD format for your articles. 
  • Please use ARIAL font size 12 for your submissions 

CSA will respond upon receipt within 72 hours and will notify you if your article is selected to be published. Please understand financial compensation is not provided as we are 501(c)(a) nonprofit organization.