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Strategic Affairs Round Table – “The US-China Decoupling and De-Risking: Geo-Economic Implications”

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Date: Saturday, September 9th, 2023

Time: 10.00 AM EST (Washington D.C.) | 7:30 PM IST
(New Delhi)

Location: Online

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You are cordially invited to Strategic Affairs Round Table  
The US-China Decoupling and De-Risking: Geo-Economic Implications
Saturday, September 9th, 2023, 10.00 AM EST; 7:30 PM IST 

Distinguished Panelists 
Professor David Soong – Panelist Statement
Mr. Dinesh Neelavar 
Dr. Satoru Nagao 

Dr. A. Adityanjee, President 
Council for Strategic Affairs

About the Lecture 

The US-China decoupling refers to the process of reducing economic interdependence between the two countries. It is a phenomenon that has been predicted for much of the past decade and is now starting to happen. While US officials prefer to say they’re “derisking” trade with China, the term describes a more targeted approach to the same phenomenon1. The impact of a widening rift between the US and China may lead to further damage2. The economic implications of a further decoupling between the West and China could be far-reaching.

About the Distinguished Panelists 

Professor David Soong
Professor David Soong is currently an associate professor in linguistics at Zunyi Medical University, teaching A General Introduction to China to international students mainly from Asian countries, and translation-related courses to Chinese foreign language learners. My academic focus is on the contrastive study of Chinese and English, aiming to reveal the similarities and dissimilarities between English and Chinese linguistically, culturally, and psychologically, and to disclose the mechanisms causative of these linguistics phenomena.

Mr. Dinesh Neelavar 
Executive Program Manager Experienced business and technology professional Specialties: Program management, telecom, wireless, business process

Dr. Satoru Nagao
Dr. Satoru Nagao is a fellow (non-resident) at Hudson Institute, based in Tokyo, Japan. From December 2017 through November 2020, he was a visiting fellow at Hudson Institute, based in Washington, DC.

Dr. Nagao’s primary research area is US-Japan-India security cooperation. He was awarded his PhD by Gakushuin University in 2011 for his thesis, “India’s Military Strategy,” the first such research thesis on this topic in Japan. Gakushuin University is a premier institution from which members of the Japanese Imperial Family have also graduated.

Dr. Nagao holds numerous other research positions, including director at the International Security Industry Council, senior research fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies

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